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Large Backyard Chicken Coops

ANY of our storage sheds can be converted into a backyard chicken coop

Customization is our specialty! Just let us know what you have in mind and
we'll build the coop you've always wanted.

8 x 12 Custom Chicken House
8 x 12 A-Frame
with Chicken Coop

*Upgraded with higher
pitch metal roof
and wooden gable vents

10 x 16 A-Frame
24 Pocket Nest Boxes,
2 - 3 Bar Roosts
4 Chicken Doors

*Upgraded with
"Garden Package"

10 x 16 Custom "Chicken Mansion"
8 x 12 Board & Batten Chicken Coop
8 x 12
Pine Board & Batten
Quaker style

with Chicken Coop
Upgrade Any Shed to a Chicken Coop
12 Pocket Nest Box with Hinged Landing Shelf

The Chicken Coop Package Includes:

  • 12 pocket nest box with hinged landing shelves
  • 3 bar roost
  • Hinged chicken door with latch

  • View:  Chicken Coop Options
    Get started with chickens in your own shed...
    Nest Boxes, Feeders, Waterers and MORE...
    Now available on our store!
    Awesome All-In-One Chicken Building

    12x40 Chicken House with Run

    View inside the chicken run
    View from inside the chicken run.

    Man-door from run to coop area
    Looking from the storage room
    into the coop area.

    Inside coop
    Inside the coop

    12 x 40 Backyard Chicken Coop
    with Built-On Run

    Everything under 1 roof!!

    Click any picture for a larger view

  • 12 x 12 Hen House
  • 24 pocket nest boxes
  • Hinged perches on nest boxes
  • 6 roost bars
  • 2 latchable chicken doors
  • 2 windows with screens
  • "Man door" to chicken run

  • 12 x 20 Chicken Run
  • 1" x 2" screening
  • "Man door" from outside to run
  • 5/8" plywood floor

  • 8 x 12 Egg Room
  • Interior: insulated and finished with beaded plywood
  • 2 windows - with screens
  • 5/8" plywood floor
  • 2 "man doors": outside to egg room & egg room to hen house

  • Siding: pine board & batten - lt. brown with hunter green trim
  • Matching pine shutters - hunter green
  • Roof: 30-year asphalt shingle, forest green
  • View Floor Plan - HERE

    MORE Ideas for Your Larger Coop
    Larger pre-built chicken coops easily house 30 or more chickens
    Click Here and Here for a larger view.
    Click here for the Layout of the new, bigger Custom Backyard Chicken Coop

    Divide and Conquer!
    Galvanized Wire Partition with Wire Door
    With a larger, custom backyard chicken coop you have the luxury of extra space.

    Add a solid wall or (galvanized) wire partition to separate your flock or create a feed/storage room.

  • Solid or Wire partition:
    $15 per linear foot to top plate
    $20 per linear foot to ceiling.
  • Wood or Wire Door - $100
  • Solid Parition to Top Plate with Solid Wood Door
    10 x 16 "Garden Coop"
    Garden Package Upgrade
    Single Arched Door
    Carriage House Windows
    Chicken Coop Package
    Click any picture for a larger view
    10 x 20 Coop with Chicken Run
    10' Chicken Coop
    10' Chicken Coop
    Glasbord Floor in Coop Area
    Cleaner Coop Tray
    Dawn-to-Dusk Chicken Door
    Electrical Package
    Cedar Shake Shingles
    Chicken Coop Package
    Click any picture for a larger view
    10 x 24 Coop with Chicken Run

    10' x 12' Coop
    10' x 12' Run
    24 Pocket Nest Box with Hanging Landing Shelves
    3 Bar Roost
    2 Hinged Chicken Doors with Latches
    2 Screened Windows with Exterior Grills

    Nest Boxes

    Roost Bars
    Click any picture for a larger view
    10x 30 Pine Board & Batten Coop
    Metal Roof with Insulation
    Chicken Coop Package with
    Extra Nest Boxes
    Glasbord Floor
    Cleaner Coop Cage
    1 Dawn-to-Dusk Chicken Door

    Left Side

    Right Side



    Click any picture for a larger view

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