Chicken Coops with Runs

Quaker Combo Chicken Coop

Provide your chickens with plenty of space with this Quaker chicken coop and run combo from Horizon Structures! This garden coop houses 12 to 15 hens.

If you like our Quaker Coop, you’ll love the Quaker Combo Coop even more. It’s got the look and feel of The Quaker with a chicken run built on.  The coop portion of this building is substantial enough to house a healthy flock of 12 to 15 hens.  The shingle roof seamlessly joins the generously proportioned chicken run to the coop combining convenience and practicality into one neat and attractive package.

Chickens enjoy the benefits of fresh air and sunshine in the ample wire mesh enclosed run.  Additional space is available under the coop for foraging or resting in the shade.  You’ll feel confident and at ease knowing your flock is safely confined from the time they emerge from the coop in the morning until they retire there are night.  The sturdy roof of this self-contained chicken coop garden combo protects birds from blazing sun or driving rain, snow or sleet.  However, please be aware of that while the coop portion is designed to keep predators out, the chicken run is not.  Take precautions to protect your hens from animals capable of digging in from below.

~ Perfect for 12 to 15 chickens ~

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All-in-One Chicken Coop and Run!




  • 4 Nest Boxes
  • Hinged Nest Box Lid
  • Hinged Chicken Door with Latch
  • Detachable Wooden Chicken Ramp (painted/stained to match coop)
  • (2) 2×3 Wooden Roost Bars
  • (Lockable) Hinged Side Access Door
  • 2 Screened Windows with Vinyl Coated Mesh
  • Hinged Drop Vent with Latch and Vinyl Coated Mesh
  • Built-On Chicken Run with 1″x2″ Vinyl-Coated Mesh. Includes Hinged, Lockable Side Access Door
  • Your Choice Wood Siding: Pine Board & Batten or Tongue & Groove (stained) OR LP Smartside (painted)


  • 2×4 Floor Joist 16″ On Center
  • 5/8″ Pressure-Treated Plywood Floor
  • 2×3 Rafters with 7/16″ Techshield Sheathing
  • Pressure-Treated Wood Legs and Base
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles

Built-In Run

The distinctive roof line, inspired by century old barn styles, maximizes head room inside both the chicken coop and the built-on chicken run.

The run itself is about 6×6 and over 8′ high.  That over 280 cubic feet of outdoor space for your birds.  Add roost bars, natural branches or even a chicken swing to allow your hens to enjoy every inch of this run.

The lockable side door on the run is large enough for you to step inside for cleaning or tending your birds.

Don’t forget the area under the coop!  The Quaker Coop sits about 15″ above the ground on sturdy 4×4 pressure-treated wood legs.  This provides even more foraging space for “the girls.”  Just like the run, this area is enclosed by vinyl coated mesh.

The pressure-treated foundation runners allow you to move this coop, by sliding or dragging, but they won’t keep predators out.  Many predators attack at night – while your chickens are securely inside the coop – be sure to take every precaution to deter them from getting in under the run during the day when chickens are out.

Pine board & batten siding with Cedar stain & Weathered Gray shingles.

Chicken Coop Interior Features

These pictures don’t do justice to the size and roominess of this coop.  That’s one of the things we particularly love about this model.  The “man” door on the end of the coop is about 2 1/2′ wide and over 5 1/2′ tall.  Large enough for you to easily step up inside the coop for cleaning or tending your birds.  But, you really don’t need to go inside.  The way this coop is designed you can reach all areas of the interior from just outside the door.  It’s your choice!

The hinged drop panel, on the back of the coop, can be left open to increase fresh air and natural light inside the coop.  The vinyl-coated mesh covering the opening ensures predators won’t get in and chickens won’t get out.  When the weather turns cold and wet, simply latch the panel tight to keep the chicken coop interior snug and dry.  Hens and chicks stay safe & secure in this all-in-one coop & run.

The chicken door is located just below the roost bars.  Coop comes with a wooden ramp for bird’s easy access from coop to run and back again.  Latch it closed from inside the run.

Two sturdy wooden roosts are mounted directly across from the nest boxes.  The upper bar is approximately 9″ away from the wall and 24″ from the floor.  The lower bar is about 16″ from the back wall and 20″ from the floor.  The distance between the roost bars is roughly 7″.

The nest boxes extend out from the main body of the coop.  Simply lift the nest box lid from outside the chicken coop and reach in to collect your eggs.

The nest box frame and dividers are a single unit that is not permanently attached to the coop.  This allows you to move it out of the way when cleaning is needed.  No more struggling to reach into all those nooks and crannies.

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The Quaker Combo coop has 4 roomy 1’x1′ nest boxes which are identical in construction to all our other coops.

The wood sill in front helps keep the nesting materials (and eggs!) neatly inside the boxes.

Note the pressure-treated plywood floor which comes STANDARD on ALL Horizon Structures chicken coops.  Glasbord or Epoxy-coated floor upgrades are available.

Coop Delivery

 In order to provide coast-to-coast delivery of our prefab chicken coops for sale, we MAY require the services of a commercial carrier. This means that your coop MAY arrive via a large tractor trailer truck.

Please call us at 888-447-4337 if you have concerns about the truck accessing your property. We will work with you to the best of our ability to make the delivery; however, your assistance may be needed in some instances.