4×8 Kennel

If you have an aggressive chewer, you may want to upgrade to the 9-gauge chain link.

Some dogs are “pullers” who like the ‘give’ sensation of chain link. For those dogs, super aggressive chewers or climbers consider upgrading to hot dipped 6-gauge galvanized welded wire. There is no ‘give’ with this type of wire making it more difficult for teeth to grab onto. Plus, the heavier gauge makes it virtually impossible to chew through. Additionally, dogs with a tendency to climb are deterred by the 2” x 4” welded wire as the smaller openings do not offer a good foothold like chain link will.

6×8 Kennel

This same screw/nut fastening mechanism secures the ‘hinge’ components of the kennel gate panels – which are made of the same wire as the kennel divider panels. Gate panels swing both ‘in’ and ‘out’ for maximum utility and control of the dog when entering or exiting the box or run.

Gate panels are kept closed by a post-mounted butterfly latch.

The latch is mounted high on the panel making it inaccessible to most dogs. The nature of this latch requires quite a bit of dexterity to open and close so it’s highly unlikely a dog could manage it with his mouth or paws. When in doubt, we recommend you further secure the door with a chain and clip or padlock.

8×10 Kennel

More options are available for our dog doors.

The standard dog door connecting the indoor “box” to the outdoor run is 17” wide x 20” high with other sizes available depending on your breed’s requirements. The door is mounted with a side hinge and consists of aluminum edging and a clear plexi-glass door panel (with an aluminum flange on the run side).

From inside the kennel, dogs simply push on the door to go out to the dog run. With some tasty treats and a little training, any dog can easily learn to nudge to door open using the flange to get back inside. Or, you may choose to upgrade to our “deluxe” dog door which is double hinged on the top and easily swings both ways with a simple push on the door panel.

Depending on the size/breed of your dog, you may need to go with a larger or smaller dog door. We have 5 sizes (including the standard door) ranging from 10”x 15” to 17” x 30”. Check out this handy chart to help determine which size is best for your dog. Either way, the proven design of our dog doors reduces drafts and is chew-proof and weather-proof as well.

Each prefab dog kennel also includes a screened window. The window on our ‘Traditional’ kennels is an 18”x24” single pane (18”x27” for ‘Elite’ models). The commercial models include a double-paned 24”x36” window. Upgrade your regular residential dog kennel to the larger (commercial) size window and/or opt for additional windows to light up the interior with the sun’s natural rays and fresh air.

8×10 Kennel

Our standard kennel wire is a zinc/galvanized 11.5 gauge 2” chain link.  This is used on both the interior box and exterior run panels as well as the hinged gate panels to these areas.  This type of wire is perfectly suitable for most dogs.  If you have concerns about corrosion from dog urine, we recommend upgrading to our vinyl-coated chain link.

All wire panels are installed so there is minimal space between the bottom of the panel and the dog run or box.    Additionally, the tops of all panel frame posts are capped with a rounded metal finial so there are no exposed sharp edges. The chain link is securely fastened to the metal panel frame reducing the risk of a dog pulling it loose or pushing it up to slip underneath.  Heavy metal strapping, secured with a screw and nut, attaches the panels to the uprights of the panel frame and keeps everything tight.  This prohibits paws (or jaws!) from getting underneath, or between, and prevents injury or escape with the added benefit of keeping unwelcome ‘visitors’ from breaking in.

8×10 Kennel

Our electrical systems meet NEC standards which means:

  • System is installed/inspected/signed off by a certified electrician
  • Everything is grounded
  • All wiring is in metal conduit
  • All outlets are GFI protected
  • #6 outside ground wire protection

As a standalone building, the kennel is protected from lightning – i.e. won’t back feed into the house (*requires onsite installation of a ground rod by local electrician doing finishing connections AFTER delivery)

1 ¼” PVC conduit on 100 amp panel accessible from below for local hook-up/access point. Call our office at 888-447-4337 to discuss your kennel’s electrical needs. One of our project managers will help you configure the proper system to handle your requirements

8×12 Kennel

As with any worthwhile project or undertaking, it’s the attention to detail that raises a Horizon Structures prefab dog kennel heads (and tails!) above the rest…

Our standard insulated fiberglass “man” door is simple and straightforward. It has a keyed latch and is more than adequate to do the job. However, if you prefer a door with a window, we have a number of upgrades available. You can also opt to add a chain link (or welded wire) panel door behind the standard “man” door for a dog-proof ‘screen door’ effect.

8×12 Kennel

Our (optional) 4’ high panels – available inside between the dog boxes or outside in the dog runs – create the feeling of a secure, protected “den” and are especially important for mothers with pups. Highly excitable or dog-aggressive canines may also benefit from having an area of reduced visual stimulation and exposure to kennel mates.

The panel is positioned so there is less than 1” between the bottom of the panel and the floor reducing contact with the dog next door. Why not just put the panel all the way down to the floor? Allowing space facilitates better cleaning as waste and water flow to a shared kennel drain rather than building up or getting stuck against the wall.

8×12 Kennel

Our Number 1 upgrade is electrical. Having light inside is super important and extends your productive kennel time well beyond normal daylight hours. Adding a robust electrical system makes all manner of ‘creature comforts’ available for your beloved pet, show dog or working K9. Horizon Structures offers these popular electrical system add-ons:

You may also want to use your electrical system for clippers, dryers, a radio, small fridge, intercom… the possibilities are endless! Although you can certainly have a local electrician install a system after your pre-built kennel is delivered, It’s so much easier to have put it in as the kennel is being built.

8×12 Kennel

Notice the 4’  high Glasbord panel on the exterior wall of this kennel’s run and the vinyl clad posts…

These are included as Standard Features on kennels with the vinyl (or metal) siding upgrade.

The seamless panel protects the siding underneath from damage by scratching or chewing dogs.  But – MORE importantly –it protects your dog.  Without it, a dog with destructive habits can become injured or worse by swallowing bits of indigestible siding or creating a sharp edge which could lead to injury.

This protective panel can easily be added as an upgrade on any or our wood-sided kennels as well.

8×12 Kennel

Our kennel roof construction consists of:

  • 2×4 rafters spaced 16” on center
  • Snow load: 30 psi
  • Wind Rating: 90 mph
  • 7/16” TechShield Radiant Barrier sheathing
  • Felt paper
  • 30-year architectural shingles (*your color choice!)

We chose asphalt shingles for their insulating properties (heat, cold and sound). Additionally, since most homes have a shingle roof, your kennel will blend seamlessly into your property creating a consistent, UNIFORM look rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. However, a metal roof upgrade (with plenty of colors to choose from) is available for those who prefer it.