4×8 Kennel

Looking for a pampered place for your pet to call home? This 4×8 kennel is perfect for single dogs of all sizes. Designed with long-lasting performance in mind, this traditional outdoor dog kennel will be loved by you, and your pet, for years to come.

Featuring a 4×4 insulated box and a chain-link outdoor run, your dog can enjoy indoor/outdoor living at its best. Got a heavy chewer on your hands? Not a problem. You can upgrade this kennel to our 9-guage chain link, or our hot dipped 6-gauge galvanized welded wires, which are both great options for aggressive chewers. 

This kennel is durable enough to handle virtually any weather condition, easy to clean and comes backed with our commitment to quality craftmanship. In addition to providing your pooch with a safe place to live, this kennel features a timeless style with light grey paint, white trim and weathered wood shingles that are sure to match any home’s aesthetic. Additional siding, roofing, and color choices available.

Additional Features Your Pet Will Love:

  • 30-Year architectural shingles 
  • Flexible dog door with stainless edging 
  • Poly decking underneath the runs
  • Non-toxic polyurea flooring 
  • 18” x 23” single pane window with screens
Your pet is an important part of your family, make sure they have a safe and comfortable home with a durable outdoor kennel like this from Horizon Structures.

6×8 Kennel

If you are looking for a beautiful, traditional dog kennel for your canine companion—our 6×8 kennel is a great option. Perfect for single dogs, this kennel offers both indoor and outdoor living areas. Shown here with durable pine board and batten siding and finished with a natural stain, this dog kennel is a stunning structure and one that is built to last.

This kennel features a 4’x6’ full height insulated box and a 4’x6’ covered dog run with 30-year architectural shingles that will keep your dog safe and protected, even in inclement weather.

This kennel is also made with smart Standard features such as gate panels that swing in and out for maximum utility and control when you dog is entering or exiting their run. Another feature to love about this 6×8 kennel is the high-mounted latch, which is inaccessible for most dogs and provides an extra level of safety and security.

Other Features You and Your Pet Will Love:

  • Safe polyurea flooring
  • Insulated full fiberglass door with keyed lock
  • Single pane 18×23 exterior window with screen
  • Non-toxic poly decking under the run
  • Flexible dog door between the box and run with stainless edging
  • Board and batten exterior with weatherproof stain

We know our customers treat their pets like part of the family, and with a cozy and durable kennel like this, you can always make sure that you have the perfect place for your pet to call “home.”

8×10 Kennel

For family dogs that need a little more space in their kennel, there is the Horizon Structures 8×10 outdoor kennel. This beautiful black and white kennel has a 4’x8’ insulated box with a screened window and locking fiberglass door on it. It also boasts a spacious, covered 6’x8’ outdoor chain link run.

This kennel comes with a standard dog door connecting your dog’s indoor box to the outdoor run. We have a full range of door sizes available depending on your dog’s size and breed. Check out this handy chart to determine the best size for your dog. The dog door can even be upgraded to our “deluxe” option which seamlessly swings both ways, making it even easier for your pup to go in and out as they please.

No matter what size dog door you need, these doors are designed to reduce draft and are completely weather-proof and chew-proof, so they will always stay in pristine condition.

Other Features of This Dog Kennel:

  • Timeless white and black design
  • LP Smartside Siding (*you choose siding and trim color)
  • 30-Year architectural charcoal-colored shingles
  • Non-toxic polyurea flooring inside the kennel box
  • Insulated fiberglass door with keyed lock
  • Pet-safe poly decking under the run

When your pet needs a spacious and beautiful outdoor kennel, options like this 8×10 residential kennel are sure to fit the bill!

8×10 Kennel

Notice the 4’ high Glasbord panel on the exterior wall of this kennel’s run and the vinyl clad posts…

This is included as a Standard Feature on kennels with the vinyl (or metal) siding upgrade.
The seamless panel protects the siding underneath from damage by scratching or chewing dogs. But – MORE importantly –it protects your dog. Without it, a dog with destructive habits can become injured or worse by swallowing bits of indigestible siding or creating a sharp edge which could lead to injury.

This protective panel can easily be added as an upgrade on any or our wood-sided kennels as well.

8×10 Kennel

Your dog is an important member of your family—and your pet’s outdoor kennel should reflect that! This is why our Elite 8×10 kennel is the preferred option for pet owners who need something special for their canine companion. In addition to all our standard features, this kennel also comes with a deluxe trim package and a larger 18”x27” single pane window with a screen.

This spacious kennel features a 4’x8’ insulated box with a full-size, locking fiberglass door. There is also a covered, 6’x8’ run that boasts durable fencing and a non-toxic poly flooring to allow for easy cleaning and care.

Plus, this 8×10 dog kennel is spacious enough for larger dog breeds and is the perfect kennel to house our NEC-standard approved electrical systems.

What is included in our standard kennel electrical package?

  • A system that is installed, inspected, and signed off by a certified electrician
  • All metal conduit wiring
  • A system that is installed/inspected and signed-off by a certified electrician
  • Completely grounded electrical outlets
  • All GFI protected outlets
  • #6 outside ground wire protection
  • A safe system in a standalone building that is protected from lightning

You can always contact us here at Horizon Structures with questions regarding our electrical installations. Just call 1-888-447-4337 with electrical questions to make sure that your new kennel has all the features your pet needs for their new home.

8×12 Kennel

Looking for a kennel that is big enough for multiple dogs? The Horizon Structures 8×16 Double Combo Kennel is the perfect option for families with two dogs who each need their own space. This kennel is crafted from the same premium materials and building practices used in your home—meaning you can feel good knowing your pets are in a space that is safe and sound.

There is a lot to love about this double kennel, which features one of our most unique designs. This structure has two individual 4’x8’feed rooms and two 4’x4’ insulated boxes for your dogs.
This kennel also has two separate fenced in runs as well.

Other Features To Love in This Double Kennel:

  • Full-size fiberglass door with locking mechanism
  • Pine board and batten siding
  • Non-toxic ploy flooring
  • Optional electrical package
  • Durable, chew-resistant materials
  • Easy-clean design
  • Cedar stain

This double combo kennel is shown with our premium “Elite” package of features, including an upgraded metal roof. Your dogs deserve the best of the best for their home and this spacious double combo is sure to deliver for even the most discerning of pet owners.

8×12 Kennel

Some dogs just need a little more space. If this sounds like your canine companion—then this 8×12 kennel is for you. Perfect for large dogs, or a pair of dogs who don’t mind sharing the same space, this is one versatile kennel option for your yard!

This prefab dog kennel is truly heads (and tails) above the rest, thanks to its impeccable attention to detail. This kennel comes with our standard insulated fiberglass “man door” with a keyed latch. You can even upgrade our doors to include windows, or add a chain link, dog-proof “screen” door between the exterior “man door” and the interior dog box.

Of course, we use only premium supplies, similar to those you would expect in your own home, to create these beautiful kennels. These aren’t the only features you will love with this kennel either, this 8×12 structure comes with the following features:

  • Board and batten siding with our “Natural” stain finish
  • “Weatherwood” exterior shingles.
  • Non-toxic polyurea flooring inside the kennel box
  • Pet-safe poly decking in the run
  • Single pane 18”x23” exterior window with screen

When your dog deserves the best of the best, you can always count of Horizon Structures to deliver a safe, beautiful, and high-quality structure the whole family will love.

8×12 Kennel

This 8×12 kennel is the ideal size for larger dogs who need a little more space. This particular kennel features large interior and covered exterior spaces created from the same premium materials you would expect from your own home.

This kennel features our signature LP Smartside Siding which will not only hold up against all types of weather conditions, but looks beautiful with this structure’s classic red paint, beige trim, and walnut brown shingles.

Here’s what else you will find in this 8×12 kennel:

  • Standard size fiberglass door with keyed lock
  • 30-year architectural shingles
  • 8’x8’ covered outdoor run
  • 4’x8’ interior dog box
  • Non-toxic polyurea flooring
  • Single pane 18”x23” screened exterior windows

8×12 Kennel

Our 8×12 outdoor kennel is one of our most popular products here at Horizon Structures, as this beautiful kennel provides all the comforts of home while providing your dog with his own dedicated space. This custom-built kennel comes with an insulated 4’x8’ box and a covered 8’x8’ run area.

You can even upgrade the run fencing to our 9-guage chain link, or our hot dipped 6-gauge galvanized welded wires, which are both great options for aggressive chewers. As with all Horizon kennels upgraded to vinyl siding, this kennel also comes with the 4’ high GlasbordTM panel on the exterior kennel wall. This seamless panel protects the siding underneath from scratching or chewing damage. More importantly, this panel protects dogs who may have destructive habits.

8×12 Kennel

There is a lot to love about this spacious 8×12 outdoor dog kennel. The size is perfect for a single larger breed dog, or a pair of pets who don’t mind sharing their space! With its classic red siding, white trim, and walnut brown shingles, this timeless design is sure to be the centerpiece of your property.

Like all our quality structures, this kennel comes with our signature, durable roof. We use asphalt shingles for their insulating properties, which help keeps your dog warm in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer. These aren’t the only features you will find in our kennel roofs either. Here are other features that come standard in our premium kennel roofs:

  • 2×4 rafters spaced 16” on center
  • Snow load of 30 psi
  • Wind rating of 90 mph
  • 7/16” TechShield radiant barrier sheathing
  • Felt paper roofing base
  • 30-year architectural shingles in your choice of color

In addition to the roof, you will also find other quality features in this kennel, a high-mounted gate latch that provides extra security and safety. All kennels also come with a gate panel that swings in and out for maximum utility when your dog is entering or exiting their run.

When you want a durable kennel that will provide your pet with a safe place to call “home” for years to come, there is no denying that this 8×12 kennel is heads (and tails) above the rest!