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Modular Barns

Would You Be Surprised to Learn that You Might Be Able to Have the Barn of Your Dreams for Less Than $40,000?

Horizon Structures' Modular Barns May Be the Answer...

Modular Barn Customers
Modular Barn Customers

Horizon Structures now does indoor arenas
Horse Barns
36' x 28' High Profile Horse Barn w/10' Overhang

What are Modular Barns?

Think of a simple child’s toy... Pre-built shed-row barn sections, configured to YOUR specifications, are used like building blocks to create the barn you’ve always dreamed of. It's as straightforward as that.

Modular barns cost less than traditional "stick built" barns and take only a few days to put up. Best of all - No one can tell the difference! After our modular barns are delivered, many decide itís the perfect time to add personal riding arenas or even professional outdoor / indoor riding arenas for an even greater experience!

The Savings is in the Labor...
When buying Modular barns, 90% of the construction is done before it even gets to your property.

The sections are built in a Horizon Structures workshop, assembly line style, ensuring consistent quality and standards of workmanship.

Horse Barns
Horse Barn Trusses

The actual on-site assembly of our barns is impressive to watch and efficient. Our small crew - usually 2-4 carpenters - arrives at your site a day or two after the pre-built sections are delivered.

In less than a week, using a forklift or crane, they add the trusses, shingle the roof and complete the finishing touches. Compare this to an 8-10+ man crew working on your property for several weeks building barns from the ground up!

We're proud of the outstanding work ethic of our crew and our customers are impressed as well. Weather permitting, they typically work from dawn to dusk to finish the job. Your barn will be finished with the same high quality of workmanship and attention to detail as the pre-built sections.

Our carpenters take pride and satisfaction in their work and will leave your property as clean as before they arrived - You'll hardly even know they were there!

Horse Barns
Horse Barn Trusses Complete
Horse Barns
Horse Barn Roof being Completed

12 Point Checklist for ordering a modular barn

Horizon's Modular barns are available
with several different roof styles

Monitor Construction for Modular Barns
Monitor Horse Barn
  • Raised Center Aisle Section
  • Optional Overhead Storage/Hay Loft
  • Full or Half Loft
  • Yellow Pine Tongue & Groove Paneling in Aisle
  • Pine Tongue & Groove Kickboard to Top Plate in Stalls
  • Click for More Details...
  • High Profile Construction for Modular Barns
    High Profile Horse Barn
  • High Pitch Roof
  • Loft Optional
  • Choose Attic Trusses to Add Loft Later
  • Add an Overhang - One Side or Both!
  • Click for More Details
  • Low Profile Construction for Modular Barns
    Low Profile Horse Barn
  • 4/12 Pitch Roof (approximately)
  • Ecomonical
  • Add an Overhang - One Side or Both
  • Click for More Details

  • Options are Optional!

    That sounds like stating the obvious but, with a Horizon Structuresí barns itís absolutely true. All barns come equipped with most everything you need for your horses to live safely and comfortably.

    No Extra Charges for:

    • Finished Stalls
    • Kickboard
    • Stall Paritions
    • Windows
    • Powder Coated Steel Grills
    • Hardware: Latches, Hinges...

    You don’t need to worry about the little details. Everything has been thought about beforehand and incorporated into the design. Horizon Structures "Barn Packages" Ė be it for small run-in sheds or large 6-stall center aisle barns - are Complete Packages.

    The upgrades, or options, we offer will simply enhance the beauty and convenience of our fully-functioning, ready-to-use barns. These options also allow our barns and sheds to work in perfect harmony with personal riding arenas or even professional outdoor / indoor riding arenas.

    Duratemp Sided Barns - All Dutch doors
    will now be painted a solid color of your choice.
    match your barn or select a contrasting color.

    Horizon Structures 36x36 hi-profile barn with overhang
    36 x 36 with 10' Overhang
    and solar electrial system by
    Smucker's Energy

    Low Profile Horse Barn
    36 x 54 Low Profile Horse Barn
     High Profile Horse Barn
    32 x 34 High Profile Horse Barn

    Modular center aisle barns have a number of distinct advantages over having a similar barn "stick built" on site. Because all of our barns are constructed by hand in our shops, we can assure our customers of consistent quality and workmanship on every single barn we build.

    Whenever you have to bring a crew, tools, materials, etc. to a job site you’re not able to do things as efficiently, quickly or cost effectively. Furthermore, you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. Prolonged stretches of bad weather can delay construction of barns for days or weeks.

    When you buy a modular barn from Horizon Structures, your barn arrives at your property in most cases 90% complete. Our crew of 2-4 Amish carpenters can complete the roof, overhang or other finishing touches in less then a week.

    Low Profile Horse Barn
    • Shorter Lead Time
    • Barns are Ready to Use Less Than a Week After Delivery
    • More Affordable then "Stick Built" Barns
    • Attractive and Durable Solid Wood Construction & Siding
    • Everything Under One Roof
    • Our Amish Carpenters Put It Together
    36' x 24' Modular Raised Center Aisle
    Low-Profile Horse Barn
    with Duratemp Siding

    Worried about us getting into your site?

    Check out this 36' x 24' "Low Profile" being delivered by one of our trucks
    with side-way wheels, then using the "Mule" to put it into place!


    Horizon Structuresí modular barns include all of the same Standard Features as our regular shed row barns & run-in sheds...Click Here for a complete list.

    Pine Board and Batten Garage with Overhang
    Our double-wide garages are also available in a pine board and batten siding just like our horse barns!

    Call 1-888-44SHEDS and talk to one of our representative for more information and pricing.

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    NOTE: All barn, run-in and stall dimensions referred to on this site are OUTSIDE dimensions

    Additional Info: Modular Barn Options | Overhang Info | Site Preparation | Delivery | FAQ

    Siding and / or kickboard material may vary depending on locally available materials.
    Horizon Structures reserve's the right to substitute white pine siding and / or oak kickboard with materials best suited for optimal performance within your geographic region.
    **Cypress siding may be substituted for white pine, in Southern and Western regions,
    due to its moisture and insect resistant properties.
    **Spruce may be substituted for oak kickboard due to local availability.

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