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Barndominium - Ocala, FL

Embrace the eco-friendly one ‘hoofprint’ of your new horse and human housing combination with a beautiful ‘Barndominium.’

Choose from one of our four elegant equestrian lifestyle designs and enjoy a peaceful co-existence with your beloved equines. Horizon Structures’ Ocala, Florida barndominium combines modern living functionality with durable construction and practical floor plan designs.

Horizon Structures offers four size / style packages to choose from to create a barn/home that’s a perfect fit for the lifestyle needs of both you and your horses.

Whether you love the horse barn rustic charm of pine tongue and groove or favor the chic sophistication of birch wood. Horizon builds a fancy farmhouse style barn in the traditional ranch style Monitor.

Cozy Comfort

Step into a world where every inch of space is carefully curated to provide the utmost comfort. Our Barndominums feature smart layouts that maximize functionality without sacrificing style. From clever storage solutions to multi-functional furniture, these spaces are designed to make the most of every square foot.

Rustic Chic

Embrace the warmth of rustic design in a more compact form. Exposed beams, reclaimed wood accents, and metal finishes create a cozy, countryside atmosphere that transports you to a simpler way of living. The charm of a barn, condensed into a masterpiece.

Sustainable Living

Our Barndominums are not just about size; they're also about sustainability. Designed with eco-friendly principles in mind, these small homes often feature energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, and innovative materials that contribute to a reduced environmental footprint. Living small can be a big step towards a greener lifestyle.

Versatile Spaces

Despite their size, Barndominums are surprisingly versatile. Each space is carefully crafted to accommodate various functions, providing the flexibility to adapt to your lifestyle. A cozy living area can transform into a home office, and a compact kitchen can easily serve as a delightful dining space for entertaining guests.

Outdoor Connection

Barndominums often come with thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces that seamlessly extend the living area. Enjoy your morning coffee on a small porch or bask in the evening breeze in a private courtyard. The connection with nature is an integral part of the Barndominum experience.

Affordable Luxury

These small wonders offer an affordable yet luxurious living experience. With fewer maintenance requirements and lower utility costs, Barndominums are not only budget-friendly but also provide an opportunity to invest in quality finishes and details that elevate the overall aesthetic.

Customization Options

Tailor your Barndominum to suit your personal style and needs. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist approach or a more traditional and cozy feel, our collection offers customization options to make your tiny home uniquely yours.

Video Walkthrough of In-Stock Barn

Our Barn Designs

Who wouldn’t be excited to shop for both a horse barn and a new home at the same time? All prefab barndominium kits are neatly packaged modular designs that incorporate the sturdy construction and minimal maintenance features we are renowned for producing, with in-factory production properly inspected, signed, sealed, and delivered to the highest standards of modular home construction.

We are horse folks too and know the construction components and design elements that are required to ensure a peaceful living experience on the 2nd floor.

Horizon prefab barndominium kits include the essential elements of…

  • Artful space management
  • Thoughtful floor plans
  • Energy saving R-21 rated spray foam insulation (that also buffers noise from horses below the 2nd floor living space)
  • Exterior only access from beautiful outside deck spaces to ensure a sealed living space with no rodent intrusion.

These are just a few of the features included to make your permanent residence, in-law suite or short-term rental income living space the perfect place for all.

The Barnette

Cozy, one bedroom studio size apartment. Features kitchenette, bathroom with shower and living room.

The lower level includes our generous list of Standard Features plus a number of popular options and upgrades. Three spacious 12×12 stalls and a massive 14’ center aisle makes this barn a comfortable home for most any horse with plenty of space to work in and around. The generous 12×12 tack/feed room offers protected space for storing barn necessities, tools, equipment and more.

Our Florida barndominium plans offer floor to ceiling functionality from pressure treated 6”x6” perimeters to fire-rated posts to 30-year architectural shingles. The barndominium models also incorporate important creature comforts for both horse and human. These include secure, sturdy stalls with smart grills and sliding doors for the horses below to a bevy of appliances together with a 9000 BTU heating and cooling mini-split system for the human contingent residing upstairs.

The Country Charm

Five stall barn with tack room is easily accessible from the efficient second floor living quarters. Simply step outside through the double doors – pausing to enjoy the view from the attached deck – before descending the full-sized staircase.

The 12×10 stalls have been upgraded with exterior Dutch doors with glass inserts and grills to allow maximize fresh air and natural light. Everything your horses need is included in our Standard Features. There’s nothing extra to buy.

Horses and humans occupy distinctly separate areas. Each tailored to their specific needs and intelligently appointed.

While many features come standard in the horse stable area, upgrades and customizations – such as switching stall windows to Dutch doors – are also available. Meantime upstairs you can opt for the slightly more expensive interior birch package option over pine if you prefer a more modern feel. The birch package also includes interior paint and an upgraded exterior deck of composite Trex decking and a black aluminum railing.

Paddock Retreat

Similar to the Country Charm, this barn also offers five stalls and an enclosed, ground-level storage room. The larger footprint means bigger stalls below and a roomier living area above.

Clever interior design ensures that every area of the living space is highly functional, appealing and comfortable. Consider it a permanent residence for you and your horses. Or, boarding below with rental income or in-law suite upstairs.

And don’t forget our modular barn advantage is not just a ‘to the penny’ quote for the structure itself, we also include barndominium plans such as freight and set up on the customer prepared Florida site. Your barn purchase includes a complete set of shop drawings (with architectural drawings stamped by an engineer available for an additional fee).

Enjoy browsing our designs! Your perfect horsey paradise awaits!

Paddock Retreat now on display at our main office in Atglen, PA.

The Farmhouse

As its name implies, The Farmhouse is country living at its best. Pure and simple. Robust construction of a traditional barn ensures durability, longevity and peace of mind. Sturdy frame work, quality craftsmanship and horse-friendly features. Barn functionality with beautifully designed second floor living space.

Layout includes two bedrooms. Make one into an office if you choose. Open floor plan and extra-large covered deck offer plenty of room, inside or out, to kick back and relax when barn chores are done.

Six large 12×12 stalls with everything horses need to be comfortable. Separate 12×12 tack room and feed room offer distinct, secure areas for supplies, tools, equipment, hay and more.

Our Interior Designs

Discover the charm of living small with our collection of Monitor Barndominums, where rustic elegance meets efficient design. These tiny home inspired dwellings redefine the concept of comfortable living, proving that a smaller space can be just as inviting and stylish as its larger counterparts.

Natural Pine

The cozy comfort appeal of Natural Pine offers a classic barn feel to your Barndo living space. The warm undertones and high pattern of Natural Pine perfectly captures the essence of the outdoors and brings it indoors where it offers a rustic and harmonious aesthetic.

Modern Birch

The refined look of modern birch offers a light bright space with minimal pattern and a durable hardwood finish. It offers the perfect backdrop for interior design color choices with its clean and chic appearance.

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