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Chicken Coop Options


Siding and trim paint is standard on all chicken coops and is included in the price. The image below shows the available colors you can choose from when ordering your custom chicken coop.

Paint & Trim Colors
Stain Colors


All Coops $ 0.00


Shingle roofing is a standard on all chicken coops and is included in the price. The image below shows the available shingle colors you can choose from when customizing your coop.

Shingle Colors

All Coops $ 0.00


We cannot guarantee colors displayed online represent the true colors.
Please call to request a FREE shingle, paint and/or stain sample to be sure color meets your expectations.

METAL ROOFINGMetal Roof Coop Colors

Mini Coop $   65.00
Mini Coop 2, Quaker, Pull-it $ 115.00
Dutch, Quaker Combo $ 155.00
Super Coop $ 215.00
Chicken Mansion $ 330.00
Fresh Eggs Coop $ 330.00
Tilly's Nest $ 265.00


 Chicken runs will be stained/painted to match coop. Prices apply to chicken runs shipped WITH coop.(Runs may be ordered separately but freight will be added to the cost below).  Chicken runs require assembly. 

Mini Coop 3' w x 4' l x 3' h $ 375.00
Mini 2 Coop 4' w x 5' l x 3' h $ 415.00
Quaker & Dutch Coops 4' w x 7' l x 3' h $ 555.00
Chicken Mansion & Super Coop 5' w x 7' l x 3' h $ 625.00
Mini 2, Quaker, Dutch, Chicken Mansion & Super Coop (*oversize - extra freight cost) 6' w x 8' l x 6' h (*run with roof) $1030.00
Chicken Mansion & Super Coop (*oversize - extra freight cost) 6' w x 10' l x 6' h (*run with roof) $1200.00
Wheel Lift Lever Kit (*compatible with all runs)   $ 375.00
Wheel Lift Lever Kit (*Pull-It coop only)   $ 540.00


Enclose Area Under Coop with Wire 3 sides if ordered with a chicken run / 4 sides if ordered without a chicken run $ 75.00
Wire "Floor" for Chicken Run Price per run square footage $ 4.00


  • Glasbord: fiberglass reinforced white plastic panel with a pebble-like embossed finish. Durable and flexible it will not mold, mildew, rot or correct. Excellent resistance to mild chemicals and moisture. Ten times the cleanability, six times the stain resistance, and twice the abrasion resistance of ordinary chicken coop floor options. Meets USDA/FSIS requirements.  More Information

  • Epoxy: resin/hardener mixture painted on the coop floor to form a rigid plasitc material that is strong and resistant to degradation.  Easy to clean and durable.  Non-toxic.  Color:  Tan. Click HERE to view.

  • Same price.  Specify choice of chicken coop floor when ordering.

Mini Coop $ 85.00
Mini 2 & Pull-It Coops $ 95.00
Quaker & Quaker Combo Coops $ 125.00
Dutch Coop $ 170.00
Chicken Mansion $ 600.00
Super Coop $ 425.00
Fresh Eggs Coop $ 425.00


2 Wheels w/Wheelbarrow Handles (Mini Coop)  Click to view $ 250.00
4 Wheels with Handle (Mini & Mini 2 Coops)  Click to view $ 325.00
4 Wheels with Steering Handle (Quaker & Dutch Coops) Click to view $ 460.00
Heavy-Duty Wheel System with Steering Handle (Chicken Mansion & Super Coop) $1155.00
Heavy-Duty Wheel System with Steering Handle (Quaker Combo Coop) $2495.00


 The Cleaner Coop Cage includes a hinged access door with latches, removable tray(s) and vinyl coated mesh cage under the roost bars.  Click to view

Small (ALL Coops Except Chicken Mansion & Super Coop) $ 250.00
Large - 2 Trays (Chicken Mansion & Super Coop) $ 695.00


Standard Package:  1 light fixture with 100 watt bulb, switch/outlet combo with an inside mounting, and exterior 3-prong plug  Click to view $ 310.00
Solar Powered Light:  Comes with switch.  Can be upgraded to a timer.  Battery will power light for 10 hours before recharge needed.  Click to view $ 540.00
Timer for Solar Light Package  Click to view $ 75.00
Heated Roost Bar:  Requires purchase of Standard Electrical Package  $ 155.00


Basic (battery or electric):  Timer OR Manual Open/Close, Self-Explanatory LED Screen, LED Fault Indicator Light, Power Supply.  More Info / Buy Online $ 315.00
Advanced (battery or electric):  All the Features of Our BASIC Door Plus Includes GPS functionality.  More Info / Buy Online $ 345.00
Solar Package for Basic or Advanced Automatic Chicken Door $ 115.00


1 Gallon Waterer $ 10.00
3 Gallon Waterer $ 40.00
3 Pound Feeder $ 25.00
11 Pound Feeder $ 40.00


Cupola - wood (painted white) with metal roof (choice color) - approximately 18"x18" Click to view $ 255.00
Cupola - wood, pine board & batten with copper roof  Click to view $ 325.00
Weathervane - black metal with directionals.  Specify eagle, horse or rooster when ordering.  Click to view $ 75.00
Weathervane - copper with directionals.  Specify eagle, horse or rooster when ordering.  Click to view $ 175.00
No Paint or Stain on Coop Credit $ 25.00
Custom Paint, Stain or Shingles 5% Base Coop Price
Painted Trim on Board & Batten or Tongue & Groove Coop $ 110.00
Extra Hinged Drop Vent $125.00
Extra Screened Window with Wire Mesh $ 75.00
Gable Vents - painted to match coop siding  Click to view $ 20.00 each
Cedar Shake Roof Click to view 30% Base Coop Price

*above prices subject to change without notice

In order to provide coast-to-coast delivery of our chicken coops, we MAY require the services of a commercial carrier. This means that your custom chicken coop MAY arrive via a large tractor trailer truck.

Please allow 4-7 weeks for chicken coop delivery.  Call us at 888-447-4337 if you have concerns about the truck accessing your property. We will work with you to the best of our ability to make the delivery; however, your assistance may be needed in some instances.