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Chicken Coops Photo Gallery

Horizon Structures makes prebuilt chicken coops that can easily house flocks of up to 45 birds. Regardless of size, today’s chicken house – whether a prefab coop or a chicken coop kit – is built for optimum bird health, safety, and quality of life. Many Horizon Structures Amish-built chicken coops are decked out with all manner of options and upgrades. And, since all our coops are built-to-order, they are also completely customizable making even larger chicken houses possible.

Think about it:  Keeping your own chickens in one of our larger backyard coops, is probably the most economical and highest source of protein you can ‘grow’ at home whether that be eggs or meat.

Keep it simple and order a Horizon Structures chicken coop straight from our catalog. The only choice you need to make is the siding type and the color of your paint/stain and shingles. Or, go all out and design a large, custom coop beyond your wildest dreams. Either way – we’ll build it right!