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Your Storage Shed – Get What You Deserve

Monday, November 5, 2012

Your Storage Shed – Get What You Deserve

If you are in the market for a new storage shed whether it is for home, business use, storing supplies in garden storage sheds, or even if you are buying a storage shed for your sports team to store equipment and supplies,it is important that you get what you deserve. Here at Horizon Structures we enjoy working directly with the customer to be sure that your shed is going to be the best possible storage structure (/storage-sheds.asp)that suits your needs. We’ll be with you from the first phone call to after the sale questions that may arise. And once we determine the size of the structure you will need, we’ll make sure the windows are where you want them and the door is in the proper position to optimize your ease of access to your shed. Now when I say it is important to get what you deserve, I mean just that. If you are considering working with a large box store I wanted to share some information that I found when comparing our sheds to theirs. Some of the specifications I found when looking at the sheds on websites that I thought would be some of the nicer models were: Them: No Roofing Included Us: We use a 30 Year Architectural Shingle and have 8 colors for you to choose from Them: 2×3 Framing 24” On Center Us: We use 2×4 framing that is placed 16” On Center just like basic home construction Them: Optional Windows Us: We offer 2 windows in your storage shed as a standard and you tell us where you would like them to be and if you would like to add any more. Them: Installation Not Included Us: We will work with you and send elevation and floor plan drawings at no charge so you can see how everything will look before it arrives. We can also send you links to our website to see how to set up your shed pad with pictures of how it should look. And when your shed arrives it will be completely assembled and ready to use or we will build it for you in a day. Them: Smartside exterior siding. This is similar to Oriented Strand Board with a finished exterior surface. Us: While we can get Smartside for you if you choose our normal painted exterior material is Duratemp which is a genuine plywood product with an engineered surface that can be painted or stained depending on your personal taste and desired finished look. In addition we offer 12 different colors of paint along with the option to have any shed finished in board and batten pine exterior or vinyl house siding again to your personal liking. While the above are just some basic observations, another thing you may want to consider is that we won’t leave you standing in the shed department while a page call goes out saying that someone in the department needs help. Of course large box stores have areas that you can read reviews of their products that were bought and get ratings on what the customer thought of the product or kit that they purchased, Here are a few review comments that I thought were interesting. * Lots of warped boards. Hard to follow instructions. Please note that here at Horizon Structures we store the materials for your shed under roof and in a dry warehouse. The materials for your shed are not warped and they have not been in the weather for a week or so before they are used to build your shed. *Recommend Re-Enforcing the Floor We use 2×4 floor joist and 5/8” plywood flooring for a rigid construction base as well as 4×4 pressure treated runners that are meant to be on the ground. In addition we give you the option to put your floor joist 12” on center and also the option for pressure treated floor joist and plywood flooring. This is a great option if you are storing a tractor or snowblower that may be brought into the shed with wet wheels or a wet mower deck. *Had to purchase extra wood to re-enforce the floor This is something that does not come into play at Horizon Structures. As your structure is built by skilled Amish craftsman to your specifications. If you want to take on a shed project /shed-kits.asp We can help you with a kit as well. But you will still get the personalized service that you deserve. But if you want to get your shed or storage structure the way you want it and with no hassle of having to make sense of instructions or the need to purchase extra materials and have it ready to use the day it arrives. Give us a call 1.610.593.7710 or send an email to and we’ll get you a quote and be sure to help with the things that are important to you. In short we want you to get what you deserve.

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