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Florida Horse Barns, Pole Barns & Pole Buildings

We've Modified Our Florida Shed Row Horse Barns

Cool and comfortable are key components for horse-keeping in Florida. The natural insulating properties of wood barns keep heat out and cool air inside so much better than metal pole buildings or pole barns.

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To maximize ventilation & air flow, you can also choose the following upgrades for our Florida pole barn kits AT NO EXTRA CHARGE...

Standard Dutch-Style Stall Door

STANDARD Dutch-style stall door - includes ALL hardware & steel chewguard on bottom half

Metal Mesh Stall Door with "V" Yoke

Swap the (STANDARD) Dutch-sytle stall door to an open steel mesh door with "V" yoke

Standard Stall Window

Replace the (STANDARD) 6 pane slider window (with grill) with a large window cut-out with a steel powder-coated grill.

Florida Barn_front

Front: 10x32 Horse Barn
2 10x12 Stalls & 8x10 Tack/Feed Room

Large Grilled Window Cut-Out

Back: 10x32 Horse Barn
Notice large stall window cut-out with
steel, powder coated grill

Large Grilled Window Cut-Out




"Matt and David - Just to let you know, very pleased with barn, very well made, just perfect."
Deborah W, Ocala, FL

Here's Why Horizon Structures Barns Sell So Well In Florida, Unlike Metal Pole Barns & Pole Buildings ...


Heat and humidity can take a toll on buildings, horses and people!
  • Moisture in the air promotes growth of mold, fungus & rots wood

  • Your horse needs a comfortable home

  • ALL Horizon Structures barns sold in Florida can be upgraded with CYPERSS board & batten siding instead of white pine

  • The natural oils in cypress’ heartwood make it one of the most durable woods when exposed to decay-causing moisture conditions such as high humidity.

  • The NATURAL INSULATING properties of wood keep Horizon Structures’ barns cooler – unlike metal “hot box” pole barns or pole buildings.

  • Choice of stall doors and extra large window cut-outs increase ventilation and air flow.

  • Wood siding on our Florida pole barn kits absorbs moisture unlike metal which will rust.


Wind & Rain

  • Hurricane Kit Upgrade Available!  Call for Price.
  • Wood siding and shingle roof won’t rattle your horse’s nerves like metal.
  • Windows and doors close tight to keep out driving rain.
  • Solid Construction stands strong.
    • 4x4 solid oak post and beam frame.
    • 1x10 board siding.
    • 1x8 solid oak kickboard inside.
    • 6x6 pressure treated beam base with steel reinforced corners

Hurrican Upgrade Kit     Horizon Structures Wood Barns vs Metal Pole Barns


  • Our Pressure Treated Wood Base (standard) and CYPRESS Siding (upgrade) is the key. Here's why...

  • Termites typically get into a building by coming up through the ground and burrowing into the foundation. The pressure treated 6x6 timber base forms an excellent and effective barrier. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service agrees.

  • Putting down a cement slab, while not necessary for Horizon Structures barns, also helps keep termites at bay.

“I just don’t think people realize how strong and well put together these buildings actually are…”
Victoria, Equestrian Style Magazine, Spring Hill, FL

Cypress is naturally ...

  • Strong
  • Light
  • Durable
  • Resists warping
  • Naturally resistant to moisture and insects
  • Economical to finish
  • High paint retention

Dangerous & Unsightly

You'll never see this on a Horizon Horse Barn!



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