The Shire

The Backyard Barn Series: The Shire with Gambrel Roof and Loft

The Shire


The Shire model is our largest two-piece modular barn. The massive size of this structure encompasses four horse stalls, an open work area, a tack feed room AND a 16x24 area that could be a garage, storage or more stalls.

Side elevation drawing for the Shire Backyard Barn


Body Tabs



  • Grill Front(s) w/Sliding Door Fronts
  • Window with Powder-Coated Steel Bars
  • Solid or Grill Partition
  • 2 Split Sliding Door's – Each End of Aisle


  • Service Door
  • Slider Window
  • 5/8” Plywood Floor


  • 5/8” Plywood Loft Floor
  • Full Wooden Staircase with Rail
  • Gable Window
  • Gable Door

The Shire


Available as a single story barn or increase your loft area by upgrading to a gambrel style roof as shown here.



This Gambrel Roof Makes This Shire Horse Barn Huge

Click on this picture to try to get a sense of just how much space is available if you add a loft and a gambrel roof to this large four stall horse barn building.

As a point of reference - Matt is 5'10".

More than just a place to store hay or junk... Create an office, lounge or living quarters.


View of Back of Shire Backyard Barn

All four stalls include outside access through a Dutch style door. A heavy duty steel chew guard on the door's bottom half means you can open the top, to allow your horse plenty of fresh air and sunshine, without worrying about him gnawing apart the door if he gets bored.

All the windows - with shutters and screens - come as Standard Features of ALL the barns in our Backyard Barn series. Plus, lots of other extras that you can even see in this pictures...

NOTE: All barn buildings, run-in and stall dimensions referred to on this site are OUTSIDE dimensions. Exterior width measurements may be based on roof edge width rather than structure base to meet shipping requirements.


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